So excited that the wonderful Nate Pritts chose my poem for the Tusculum Review Prize

It’s a poem called ‘I AM NOT AGAINST AMBIENCE’ and though it is very inspired by snow it was written on a couch in Atlanta. 

You probably know how completely mad I am for Nate and everything he does, so its such an amazing thing to have him pick this poem. 

Also, for saying such nice things about it: “Caroline Crew’s ‘I Am Not Against Ambience’ proceeds by way of inversion, giving only so as to take away, through mistakes & repetition, stumbling through the dumb human ways we create systems only to watch them fall apart, to watch them “ghost & repeat.”  In so doing, the poem opens up a wide range of feeling that not only notates a common emotional drama but enlarges our understanding of it.  I’m grateful for that.”

So thanks Nate, & Wayne Thomas– the poem’s going to live in the new issue of The Tusculum Review.