Caroline Crew


Describe yourself as a poet in three words: lady fragment undone

What is your chief misery as a poet? too many birds and not enough language

What you appreciate the most in a poem: a swerve I don’t see coming

If not a poet, what would you be? geologist, chef or lawyer

Who is your poetry hero and why? Historically, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning– a hero so much I wrote my first book with her by re-writing Sonnets from the Portuguese. Contemporaneously, Alexis Pope, Morgan Parker and Carrie Lorig, for starters. There are some many amazing female poets right now trying to navigate being alive and they are heroes every day.

What is your idea of happiness? 

What is your present state of mind? Winter is melting, emergence from constantly being tired, craft clue marred nails, returning “home” and hunger.

Your favorite poem, ever: I don’t think I have one favourite poem, but Louise Glück’s “Mock Orange” always comes back to remind me it changed me:

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I forgot happiness! Oh no!