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I’m so so thrilled that my chapbook of lady saint poems, CAROLINE WHO WILL YOU PRAY TO NOW THAT YOU ARE DEAD, arrived early for AWP and is now out from Coconut! (also forever in love with Christine Shan Shan Hou for the awesome cover)

Caroline Crew


Describe yourself as a poet in three words: lady fragment undone

What is your chief misery as a poet? too many birds and not enough language

What you appreciate the most in a poem: a swerve I don’t see coming

If not a poet, what would you be? geologist, chef or lawyer

Who is your poetry hero and why? Historically, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning– a hero so much I wrote my first book with her by re-writing Sonnets from the Portuguese. Contemporaneously, Alexis Pope, Morgan Parker and Carrie Lorig, for starters. There are some many amazing female poets right now trying to navigate being alive and they are heroes every day.

What is your idea of happiness? 

What is your present state of mind? Winter is melting, emergence from constantly being tired, craft clue marred nails, returning “home” and hunger.

Your favorite poem, ever: I don’t think I have one favourite poem, but Louise Glück’s “Mock Orange” always comes back to remind me it changed me:

Read Caroline’s poem “Plastic Sonnet #38″ at The Adroit Journal

I forgot happiness! Oh no!

AWP readings

I went a little crazy with AWP planning this year, because I’m moving back to England soon and who know when AWP and I will meet again. So this is all the stuff I’m doing, apart from from hanging out with you, of course:

Thursday April 9, 5-7pm,

Grumpy’s Bar & Grill

1111 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis:SPOKE TOO JELLY: A Spoke Too Soon & Jellyfish AWP Reading!

Reading with Cynthia Arrieu-King, Erika Jo Brown, Julie Carr, Caroline Crew, Sarah Jean Grimm, Abraham Smith, Sampson Starkweather and Abigail Zimmer.

Thursday April 9, 6:30-8pm, Shout House! (110 N. 5th St.) in the Sports Bar area: Sixth Finch & Vinyl present TWIN SPEAK

Reading with Dara Cerv, Caroline Crew, T'ai Freedom Ford, Leora Fridman, Aubrie Marrin, Airea D. Matthews, John Mortara, Jess Poli, Chad Reynolds and Danniel Schoonebeek

Friday April 10th, 4pm-6pm, Segue Cafe, 609 S 10th St, Minneapolis,

2X2 in the Twin Cities: Fairy Tale Review, Gigantic Sequins, Sundog Lit, and Yemassee Reading at AWP

Reading with Matt Bell, Carson Beker, Traci Brimhall, Caroline Crew, Alex McElroy, Brian Oliu, Salvatore Pane and Elise Winn.

Saturday April 11, 2pm -3:30pm, Maeve’s Cafe, 300 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis

Saturday Afternoon Along NE Mpls’s In/Famous Poetry Row: An AWP Maeve’s Sessions/ Hazel & Wren/ Poetry City, USA Reading

Reading with Gale Marie Thompson, Kyle McCord, Caroline Crew, Nick Courtright, Al Maginnes, Caroline Cabrera, Dustin Luke Nelson, Tayve Neese, B.J. Love, Erika Jo Brown, Ryan Collins, Kelin Loe, Hannah Stephenson and Terry Lucas.

Saturday April 11, 7pm-10pm, Mason’s Restaurant Barre 28 Hennepin Ave So

Coconut + Bloof Wrap Party #AWP15

Reading with Daniel Borzutzky, Jenny Boully, Jackie Clark, Shanna Compton, Bruce Covey, Caroline Crew, Natalie Eilbert, Ben Fama, K. Lorraine Graham, Arielle Greenberg, Kirsten Kaschock, Natasha Kessler, Jennifer L. Knox, Ginger Ko, Jenn Marie Nunes & Mel Coyle, Alexis Pope, Leah Sewell, Eszter Takacs and Emily Toder.

Saturday, April 11, 8pm, Black Forest Inn

Big Lucks x Black Cake + Magic Helicopter: GET OVER IT (an AWP party)

Reading with Meagan CASS, Caroline CREW, Evelyn HAMPTON, Gina KIECHER, Mike KRUTEL, Amy LAWLESS, John MORTARA, Morgan PARKER, Sampson STARKWEATHER, Bianca STONE, Mathias SVALINA, Dillon WELCH + surprises!

Most Anticipated Poetry Books of 2015

These are the times when it’s hardest, in Caroline’s words, not to have a hometown. I know that the riots have nothing to do with politics. I know that too well that my place has its share of hateful people, who will take whatever opportunity they can to break it. But even knowing that, I want to be among my people. The Yes campaign’s loss has been heartbreaking for many of them, and I can only hope that the disappointment will make them kinder. That the unionists will be graceful in victory, that Scotland will remain, in some ways, the home I left. It may not be the land of blooming heather and shining river that the songs describe. It may, in many ways, be already broken. But what’s broken can be fixed, and the prodigal can always return. Scotland is not the land I lost, though things I have lost do inhabit it. I told Tyler when he left that a goodbye can be an ellipsis.

Wild Are The Winds To Meet You by Chris Emslie.

Chris’s Caroline is also my Caroline and it was such a delightful surprise to read about this amazing human (in this amazing essay) in my Rumpus Feedly.

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YOUR STUPID FORTUNE GIVES ME STUPID HOPE, a collaborative chapbook with Chris Emslie, is now in the world!

So, last summer Chris Emslie & I began writing each other horoscopes across the Atlantic. He was in Scotland and I was in Atlanta. We aren’t there anymore. Instead, there is this beautiful chapbook compilation fromFurniture Press Books, that includes our chapbook ‘YOUR STUPID FORTUNE GIVES ME STUPID HOPE.’ And it’s hanging out with Nicole Steinberg, Lisa Tallin & Joseph Cooper.

I’m so fuzzy to have an actual thing, a real holdable thing, even when Chris is no longer my next door neighbour. Thanks Christophe Duh Casamassima!